Law Enforcement Requests Portal

The Law Enforcement Requests Portal allows law enforcement agencies to contact us. The structured multi-level authentication process both ensures the legitimacy of your requests and enables effective processing. This avoids unnecessary callbacks and ensures legal compliance.

By completing the address field below, you confirm that you are acting as an official employee of a law enforcement agency or other governmental authority authorized to request data and that you are completing the following process in the exercise of an official investigative function. You will first be asked to provide your official email address. After passing the internal validation, you can request the activation link. The further steps will be explained in the mail with the activation link. Please note that the link will expire within a short period of time. If your email address is already activated, the activation process is not necessary and you will receive a link with explanations of the further steps for submitting your request.

Warning: Any (attempted) abuse of this portal may lead to criminal prosecution. Attempting to gain access to the portal for an unauthorized person or entity is classified as abuse. Only governmental authorities are authorized to request access to the portal.

In accordance with existing European regulations, you have the right to access, rectify and delete data that concerns you.

You may exercise this right and obtain such information by contacting the dpo here or by mail at: OVH SAS, Computing and Liberties Correspondent, 2 rue Kellermann, 59100 Roubaix France.