What are the Anthos additional options?

Users with a 3 or 12-month engagement are able to add additional resources without commitment, to meet business growth or seasonal demand.

Additional options

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Additional nodes

Add nodes to your starter pack to meet business growth or seasonal demand, with either a monthly or one-year commitment. These can be used for any of your Kubernetes clusters, and you can re-attach them to a new cluster from your Anthos console at any time, with no billing impact.

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Additional IP addresses

You can attach new /26 IP blocks with 50 usable IP addresses to your Hosted Private Cloud powered by Anthos, with no monthly costs. You just pay a small setup fee of €2/IP.

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Additional Netapp storage

If you're running out of storage in your Stateful pack you can add a new 60TB of usable dedicated Netapp increment to your stateful product pack.

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Can I add Netapp storage to my Discovery pack or Stateless pack?

You can add NetApp storage to Stateless packs. If you have a Discovery pack and would like to do this, you can upgrade to the Stateful pack at any time and get additional NetApp storage.

What is the maximum number of servers per cluster?

We support up to 100 bare-metal nodes per Kubernetes cluster, and up to 50 Kubernetes clusters per Anthos environment.
To get an estimate for larger deployments, please contact us.