Logs Data Platform Options


Long term archiving options

It is sometimes necessary to keep your log files over a long period of time (security audit, GDPR, connection history, etc). This is why OVHcloud offers you a "long-term storage" option, which allows you to generate a daily archive of any stream and keep your log files for 1, 2, 5 or 10 years - you can either choose 'Economical Cold storage' or 'Quick Cold storage' for immediate access to your data.

Moreover, you can choose a compression algorithm from anything between: .gs (zlib) / .zip (deflated) / .7z (lzma-2) / .zst (>=1.2).

Economical Cold Storage $0.01 /GB/month
Quick Cold Storage $0.15 /GB/month

Visualisation options

Benefit from the power of one of the most widely used visualisation tools in the field, using Elasticsearch API.

Kibana allows you to create an interactive, and personalized dashboard, with a real-time refresh based on the processed data.

Monitor your environments with granular dashboards - offering rich visualisation capabilities. Ensure isolation of your log management solution (up to the visualization level) by taking advantage of our dedicated Kibana option.

Dedicated Kibana $7.37 /instance/month

Dedicated collector

Isolate your streams when collecting logs. Our platform can host your dedicated Logstash or Flowgger collectors for maximum availability and scalability.

Our dedicated data-gathering tools make it easy for you to process your data regardless of the source, format or structure of your data.

Logstash - Flowgger $3.68 /instance/month

Index as a service

Leverage our Elasticsearch Index-as-a-service options to store and query complex documents, reports or even logs. With the Elasticsearch API, you can use a majority of tools from the ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) Ecosystem.

You can configure the number of Elasticsearch shards per index (up to 16 per option, 25GB maximum per shard).

Stored Documents $1.46 /GB/month
Elasticsearch shards $7.37 /unit/month