Application modernisation

Application modernisation in a dedicated environment

Modernising the applications used within a company is a major issue for CIOs. The exploitation of these legacy applications is often an increasing burden, and their modernisation requires the implementation of redesign projects that sometimes prove costly.

The quickest way to modernise your applications

An application modernisation project includes the development part as well as the infrastructure part. With the Hosted Private Cloud powered by Anthos solution, you get an infrastructure that is 100% dedicated and managed by OVHcloud — with all the modernisation tools of your application.

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Dedicated and managed infrastructure

The Hosted Private Cloud powered by Anthos solution is exclusively managed by OVHcloud, allowing you to focus on the application part.

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Step by step modernisation

With its connectivity products and other bare-metal or virtualisation solutions, the OVHcloud ecosystem allows you to gradually migrate all or part of your application. What’s more, the Migrate for Anthos feature, coming in 2022, will convert a virtual machine (VM) into containerised services.

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Control and reversibility

In a 100% dedicated environment, deploy your application on standard, open-source technology on the market. You can experience the same API execution behaviour (as a service connected with GCP) with other cloud providers or on your on-premises infrastructures. The choice is yours.

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Monthly pricing and scalability

With the cloud model, you can pay monthly for your private cloud solution. You can also resize each of your clusters in line with your business activity at any time, on a temporary or long-term basis.


How do I deploy in a dedicated environment?

You order an environment that is 100% dedicated and managed by OVHcloud. You do not need to sign up for, or sign in to Google Cloud. Each customer has their own dedicated control plane. You can also use our services to privatise exchanges through OVHcloud Connect and the private network (vRack).

Several services, such as Grafana, Prometheus and Grafana Loki, are included to operate your production environments.

How do I containerise on Google Anthos?

In this step, you will integrate and deploy the appropriate applications/services on your Anthos private infrastructures. You will need to use various services and technologies (e.g. Google Kubernetes Engine, Anthos Service Mesh), modern integration and/or continuous delivery (CI/CD) practices and system integration tools.

There is a wide ecosystem of software and services compatible with Google Anthos, which will simplify the deployment of your application on your new infrastructure.

Please note that the Migrate for Anthos service transforms a virtual machine into a container. This service will be available in early 2022, and will facilitate your migrations to a modern private cloud.


How do I manage a Google Anthos hybrid environment?

Google Anthos technology (in connected mode) and its unified control plane enable you to attach clusters managed by the dedicated control plane. This plane is available in the Hosted Private Cloud powered by Anthos solution.

This use case offers many possibilities — for example, migrating your applications hosted in a public cloud to a 100% private cloud.

You can do this with the connectivity services offered by OVHcloud Connect. This solution offers unlimited traffic at no extra cost.

The partners that make up the OVHcloud ecosystem also support your projects, from their design to their operation.


What is a modern application with Google Anthos?

Modern application development allows new versions of the latest applications to be deployed several times a day, while maintaining an available, scalable platform.

This can be achieved thanks to containerisation, which allows applications to be published and updated quickly and easily, without any downtime.

The Hosted Private Cloud platform powered by Anthos integrates orchestration and container management services created for businesses. It also includes policy automation, security at scale, and a fully managed service mesh, including visibility.

How do I migrate a virtual machine to Google Anthos?

The Migrate for Anthos and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) services allow traditional applications to be modernised quickly and easily, from virtual machines to native containers. This solution will be available soon.

In the meantime, migrations are carried out by deploying new services.

What’s more, developments that are already containerised can be deployed directly on Hosted Private Cloud powered by Anthos.

How do I connect to my business?

OVHcloud Connect allows you to connect directly to your business via interconnection or in colocation datacentres with different partners such as Equinix, Megaport and Intercloud.