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Discover our flexible Hosted Private Cloud with starter packs. Kick start your Kubernetes clusters in minutes.

What's in a starter pack?

Our Anthos powered starter packs are based on Anthos on bare metal operating in private mode software and Advance baremetal servers, which offer the best price/performance ratio. You leverage the performance and features of baremetal (CPU, RAM, and network) without a virtualization layer under your Kubernetes clusters.

Respond to your needs by adding and removing cluster servers/nodes on-demand.

Our Hosted Private Cloud is located in our French Datacenter located in Roubaix.

Hosted Private Cloud powered by Anthos pack prices


Hosted Private Cloud packs Discovery pack Stateless Production pack Stateful Production pack
Use cases Ideal to test-drive or a POC Ideal for stateless production Ideal for stateful production
SLA 99.5% 99.95% 99.95%
Included baremetal nodes 5 (60 vCPU, 320 GB RAM, 5 TB NVMe ) 15 (180 vCPU , 960 GB RAM, 15 TB NVMe ) 15 (180 vCPU , 960 GB RAM, 15 TB NVMe )
Managed Netapp Cluster None None 55 TB (active replication x2)
Minimum commitment 3 months 12 months 12 months
Monthly Price $4,569 /month * $8,979 /month * $19,339 /month *

* Discount may apply depending on your commitment period (longer than minimum commitment). Please contact us to know more about our discount policy.

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Can I upgrade from a pack to an upper one?


Can I downgrade from a pack to a lower one?


Can I add Netapp storage to my Discovery pack or Stateless pack?

You can add NetApp storage to Stateless packs. If you have a Discovery pack and would like to do this, you can upgrade to the Stateful pack at any time and get additional NetApp storage.

What is the maximum number of servers per cluster?

We support up to 100 bare-metal nodes per Kubernetes cluster, and up to 50 Kubernetes clusters per Anthos environment.
To get an estimate for larger deployments, please contact us.