OVHcloud Connect Direct

With our Direct solution, you can make your connection hybrid, while securing it between your datacentres and OVHcloud services. You can create one or more dedicated links between your network hardware and our backbone, with a common point of presence (PoP). To meet the needs of your architectures and applications, you can choose between 1Gbit/s or 10Gbit/s bandwidth.

OVHcloud Connect Direct

Our OVHcloud Connect Direct solutions

Bandwidth Installation fees Price (1 port) Price (2 ports)
1 Gbps unmetered and guaranteed A$429 ex. GST A$1,109 ex. GST/month A$2,209 ex. GST/month
10 Gbps unmetered and guaranteed A$429 ex. GST A$8,509 ex. GST/month A$17,009 ex. GST/month

Explore all of our points of presence (PoPs)

Asia-Pacific DCs Europe DCs North America DCs
Asia-Pacific Singapore Singapore Equinix - SG1
Europe France Paris GlobalSwitch
France Paris Telehouse - TH2
France Paris Equinix - PA3
Germany Frankfurt Equinix - FR5
Poland Warsaw Equinix - WA2
Spain Madrid Interxion - MAD2
United Kingdom London Telehouse - West
United Kingdom London Equinix - LD5
North America Canada Montreal Cologix - MTL3
Asia-Pacific datacenters: SGP
Europe datacenters: ERI, FRA, GRA, LIM, RBX, SBG, WAW
North America datacenters: BHS

The OVHcloud Connect service entry datacentre must be in the same region as the OVHcloud Connect point of presence you have selected.
The regions currently available are: Europe, Canada, and Asia-Pacific.

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The advantages of our Direct solution

Une solution indispensable pour l'extension du datacenter et le cloud hybride

A must-have solution for datacentre extensions and hybrid clouds

Do your infrastructures experience traffic spikes, or require higher computing resources during certain periods? The datacentre extension solution gives your applications more flexibility in a very short time, using the cloud. Make your hybrid cloud more flexible, secure, and deploy resources even faster. With OVHcloud Connect, you can extend your network to our datacentres, and harness the advantages of hybridisation and improved performance.


Multiple connection options

With our OVHcloud Connect Direct network solution, you can choose from multiple connection options. The layer 2 connection connects your infrastructure to our datacentres, giving you the same network. However, you cannot add redundancy, as the connection can only be associated with one point of presence (PoP). With layer 3 cross-connection, based on Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), our datacentres are located in your company’s WAN network. You get more flexibility and high availability, with multiple entry points.

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