IP Addresses

Adresses IP

IP Addresses

Do your services need additional IPs?

You can add RIPE (Europe) or ARIN (North America) IP blocks to your Hosted Private Cloud. You can then use them to publish your services online.

An IP block can be attributed to all of your solutions, directly via the OVHcloud Control Panel. Please note that each service has IPs reserved for routing the infrastructure.

Features included with your IPs

  • IPv6 /56
  • Geolocation
  • Private IPs
  • Use of all private spaces
  • Public IPs
  • Buy RIPE IP blocks
  • Unlimited block publications
  • Migration of a failover IP from a dedicated server
  • Migration of RIPE blocks from a dedicated server
Need support or information?

You can request a free callback from an OVHcloud advisor