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A next-generation network that improves performance for your applications

With our global coverage, harness the power of a 25Gbit/s capacity network on a highly available infrastructure. Get optimal bandwidth and boosted performance for all your workloads.

Unlimited connectivity included by default

Both ingress and egress traffic are unlimited, without any limits on data flow or additional costs.

A high-bandwidth network

Public connection to the internet, and a private network connection via the vRack, with a capacity of 10Gbit/s per host.

High availability and performance

The features included natively in your Hosted Private Cloud improve availability and performance for even the most critical applications.

Use cases

Datacenter extension

Migrating to the cloud

Transfer your workloads from your on-premises infrastructures to OVHcloud, for up to 15x more efficiency compared to previous generations. Migrating to the cloud has never been so quick.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Plan

Reduce recovery time after an on-site outage, making it up to 15x quicker than before. By reducing your RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective), you can guarantee optimal service continuity for your users.

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Increase performance for your managed storage

vSAN performance is optimised, due to the data being replicated on your vSAN hosts. These hosts also benefit from a higher volume of bandwidth. Our NFS datastores also offer improved efficiency. Their higher bandwidth reduces demand for your ESXI, giving you higher overall computing and storage performance.