OVHcloud Security

A private, dedicated platform operated by OVHcloud

Our Hosted Private Cloud solution is designed, developed and industrialised in compliance with the very strictest security requirements. It guarantees the highest level of data protection and resilience for migrating to the cloud. You can host the most critical IT systems on it.

Your dedicated private cloud

Hosted Private Cloud guarantees an environment with dedicated resources. None of the hypervisors or storage spaces are shared with other customers. Isolation is maximal, to ensure total security for data processing. All of the mechanisms that guarantee this isolation are deployed and maintained by our expert teams, and done so transparently for your operations teams. This means your architects and security experts can focus on the security of virtual machines and applications hosted on your private infrastructure.

Scalability with no compromises on security

Our Private Cloud solutions ensure maximum security for your infrastructures, no matter how large they are — and they also offer high flexibility in how you provision and remove resources. This means you can support rapid growth without any compromises on configuring and adding new resources.

A constantly monitored infrastructure

All of the automated systems ensure that infrastructure administration and growth are managed following the very highest security standards. These are evaluated and improved all year round by our internal audit teams, as well as external audit teams that are requested by our customers. We follow this continuous improvement approach to guarantee security that is adapted to combat the newest threats.

A cloud secured by design

Des infrastructures totalement isolées

Fully-isolated infrastructures

To ensure that your solutions are constantly isolated, the hypervisors, datastore volumes and administration systems are entirely dedicated to you. Other mechanisms managed by software guarantee isolation and constant security for your infrastructure.

Une administration vSphere automatisée

Automated vSphere management

Deployment and management for your infrastructures are automated with vSphere administration. You will have monitoring tools, as well as a system for managing and validating sensitive actions. Your secured environment benefits from the integration of standard VMware tools in a reliable environment, with automated patches.

Une démarche de transparence, validée par un processus de conformité

A transparent approach, validated by a compliance process

Our security management system is aligned with ISO 27001 principles. We are compliant with a number of reinforced security requirements, including: PCI DSS, HDS, TSP, CSA, ISO 27017, ISO 27018 and CISPE. Our Hosted Private Cloud infrastructures hold ISO 27001, PCI DSS PSP, HDS, SOC I and II type 2 certifications and accreditations. Our customers can have the platform audited by an external organisation.

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