Stonegate Case Study
10,000+ servers and applications migrated to cloud environments

servers and applications migrated to cloud environments

120s server delivery time

server delivery time

100% adherence to open standards and no vendor lock-in

adherence to open standards and no vendor lock-in

Executive summary

Stonegate IT Ltd. is one of leading providers of IT transformation for UK businesses. They have helped their clients migrate more than 10,000 (and counting!) servers and applications to cloud (or hybrid-cloud) environments, and have also provided post-migration support to ensure their clients can rely on a strong, scalable infrastructure. OVH is one of Stonegate’s key partners, providing a range of hosting services for their customers, and ensuring these are scalable, reliable, and ready to be deployed at extremely short notice. Knowing that all their customers’ hosting requirements will be met has helped reinforce Stonegate’s capabilities when it comes to delivering fast, stable, and secure migrations.

Simon Mohr, Stonegate’s Managing Director, was kind enough to sit down with us to talk about the challenges at the cutting edge of information technology, and how the partnership with OVH has provided them with the resources and ability to meet these challenges head-on.

The challenge

Stonegate’s clients often experience rapid changes in their businesses, which means a flexible approach to IT in general, and migration in particular, is absolutely essential. Migrations often take place at short notice, with highly specific requirements for the new infrastructures. As a result, a deep level of trust must exist between Stonegate and each of their hosting partners. They require complete confidence that the specific hosting services required by each customer can be mobilised quickly, and will provide a robust framework for their ideal infrastructures.

Furthermore, Stonegate is a passionate defender of open standards and interoperability. Having worked with a number of suppliers of hosting services who promised that their clients would not become locked in to specific services, only to fail to deliver on this promise, they were keen to join forces with a provider who could demonstrate a genuine long-term commitment to open standards in IT.

The solution

“IT is unique because you are not just selling a product, you are selling system integration.”

Simon Mohr, Managing Director, Stonegate IT Ltd.


OVH’s range of cloud-based hosting solutions and global infrastructure provided the ability, scalability, and world-class security that Stonegate’s clients expected. In addition to this, the hands-on support provided by OVH experts helped Stonegate’s teams make full use of these tools’ capabilities.

The speed with which OVH datacentres can deploy their services has proven a major advantage, allowing Stonegate to anticipate and meet their clients’ evolving requirements without any unnecessary service disruptions. The ability to speak directly to network engineers and product specialists has also proven invaluable, ensuring clients enjoy the greatest possible benefits from their new solutions.

OVH’s deep involvement in the Open Cloud Foundation is an ideal fit with Stonegate’s emphasis on open standards, and allowed them to offer their clients an extra layer of peace of mind. It has also provided further flexibility in terms of the ability to connect multiple infrastructures, regardless of where they are hosted, and with whom.

The result

This partnership quickly proved its value when Stonegate managed an IT migration for Newscast (who were originally introduced to them by OVH). Working closely with the OVH team, Stonegate were able to quickly and accurately qualify their requirements, after which a seamless migration to a strong, well-designed infrastructure was achieved, as Newscast readily attested. This success was subsequently repeated on numerous other projects.

Later, Stonegate attended the OVH Academy, in order to further develop their understanding of OVH’s own infrastructure, and the possibilities this offers when it comes to the design and delivery of true hybrid cloud solutions, utilising tools like the OVH vRack and Load Balancer.

The ability to rapidly provide clients with tailored hosting solutions, deployed in the fastest possible time, has been key to Stonegate’s transformation from a pure migration specialist to a managed services provider.

“Technology is really behind the scenes. The difference between a good and a bad provider with IT is really the way that you communicate and present yourself to the customer and together we did a really good job.”

Simon Mohr, Managing Director, Stonegate IT Ltd.