Advance STOR-1

Advance STOR-1

Price drop

The SSDs available by default to host your preferred operating system are one of the strong points of the Advance-STOR range. This way, you can set up a RAID on the storage hard disks, and leverage all of their space for your data.

With the performance of the AMD Ryzen processor and memory options, you can host applications that require SSD (cache) disks to speed up the read and write speeds for your files.

In addition to your production server, this configuration is perfect for backing up and restoring your customer or user data, custom network storage (NAS), or developing a disaster recovery plan (DRP) strategy.

  • NVMe SSD OS disks
  • Up to 36TB storage
  • OVHcloud Link Aggregation (OLA)
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Use Case


Anticipate the exponential growth of your data by storing it on dedicated servers

Multimedia storage

Store and access your files easily (images, videos...) with a suitable public bandwidth


Dematerialise, store and share documents within your company